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Common Experience: Imagined Ideas About School -

Digital Humanities Lab
On December 7, 2017, Dr. Marva Cappello, a professor in the School of Teacher Education and director of the Center for Visual Literacies, hosted a community and university partnership activity that capitalized on multiliteracies perspectives. The project, in collaboration with the SDSU Common Experience, stemmed from the idea that an expansion of modalities to include visual images would be beneficial to English Learners. 
Sixth graders from Otay Elementary in Chula Vista, where the majority are English Learners, came to campus to share their visualized and imagined ideas about school in the Digital Humanities Lab. Following this community activity, a book of the images was created and given to every participating student. The SDSU Common Experience is sponsored by the Aztec Parents Association and the T.B. Day Student Success Program
This project was a community partnership that involved sixth graders and their teachers at a partnership school as well as two groups of SDSU students: those in the Reading Master of Arts program, as well as those in the Joint Doctoral Program, enrolled in Visual Research Methods. 
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