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5 Things Most Hidden Women From Men

5 Things Most Hidden Women From Men
In every relationship we do not always have to open and be open to our beloved. There is something we have to keep secret, It does not mean we do not love our lovers, but merasahasian something that should not be discussed much better than to speak frankly that can threaten the harmony of romance relationship.
In secret affairs or lying, not just men who often lie to the couple. But women also often lie to their partner. We all also know about women's attitudes, they often speak unsuited to what they are feeling.
Then whatever the things that are often hidden from the woman's lover. Here are 5 things most often hidden women from men.
1. The number of former who ever stopped at his heart
Women are smart enough to hide all their past, especially the affair with their ex-mates. This is different from the men who are quite outspoken in this regard. Women do not want to tell the lover how many former who had stopped dihatinya so he looks innocent and well in front of men.
2. Another man's dream
Women would never say about another man's dream to his partner. This will certainly make the relationship can be a mess. But almost all women also must have another man's dream, but that does not mean he wants to have the man's dream, it's just that women sometimes fantasize about how the ideal man he dreamed of.
3. Tell everything to his friend
Unlike men. Women are very open to her friends especially the matter of romance. But they keep it secret to her lover. So do not be surprised if your friends know about your problems with your lover. In fact, not infrequently women also tell your secrets to his friends.
4. Past relationships
Women often hide the story of her past. Terutaman negative things that had ever done with his former first. Women do that does not mean no love to their partner. But he does not want to be judged by his partner if he tells of his past.
5. Dislike compared to others
Women hate it when compared with other women. It is very painful for women, but women never tell it to their partner. You as a man should know if women have competitive nature in fellow women. So do not let you praise other women in front of him, because it is very painful.
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