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Hillary's complaints about losing are seemingly relentless, in part, because she lost and she can't really do anything about her widespread allegations and scattered attributions of blame, which more than anything, seem to express her feelings that she's been cheated.

I'm oddly more interested in citizen Hillary unbound. She's got things to say, just as much as the rest of America, resentments and hostilities that some argue are true or not, suspicions and allegations that some believe are true or not. But as someone who did not vote for Hillary Clinton, (though I had in the primary when she pitted herself against Obama), I'm thinking that it MIGHT just be an opportunity for her to put on her listening ears.

Obviously, the clincher for me was her healthcare proposal, to put Obamacare on steroids and allow anyone in, no plans to address the rampant fraud and loopholes, no intention to rollback the duplicate provisions that ended up costing people double-dip money such as our universal liability for paying for various services for children under the force requirements of plans, but the unavailability of those services to children unless their parents bought an insurance policy and additional coverage for them. Letting anyone 'regardless of immigration status' participate. It was frustrating then that she wouldn't listen.

It was uncomfortably frustrating to watch her advise a woman who objected to Obamacare's costs to "keep shopping." It was ridiculous for her to market herself like the trite commercials pushed by internet companies and services talking about no boundaries. It was absurd for her to incorporate a let's hate all white men bandwagon with her snarky comments about the six Steves.

Having escaped the calamity of her election, we can be sympathetic to her human frustrations and expressions of the same about her loss. Certainly, the same unfair aspects of our political system that benefited her in the past, including marriage to and access to one of the most successful white man politicians in our country who is also a member of the electoral college, might somehow again reach her consciousness, so that she can show some gratitude for the privilege and opportunities she's received from the very system she pretended to want to shred in order to get votes.

Certainly, Hillary should reconsider what she was peddling, how offensive it was for Americans to hear her sing the preferential praises for the known lawbreakers who entered this country illegally. Certainly, Hillary should reconsider the climate deals that even in the UK, where people worry that retrofitting things like heating to comply with new environmental laws where everyone knows corporations will be given some complicated way out, such as the sales of energy credits or what have you, might not be the timeliest approach to climate change in our country with belligerent unemployment and a grasping public employee class under the eight years of Obama.

Certainly, there would have been more of a Clinton appeal in a vociferous advocacy for replenishing the food stamps budget for our citizens slashed under Obama, reinstating long-term unemployment insurance also slashed under Obama, again lowering the payroll tax which provision Obama allowed to lapse making all paycheck recipients pay two percent more in taxes to support things like his Obamacare would have spoken to my own idea of the Democratic Party.

Instead, Hillary Clinton peddled self-loathing and self-loathing is a sales pitch for losers. Sure, you see plenty of self-loathing, but Clinton marketed to self-loathers without understanding the phoniness of self-loathing--Look at any self-loather and you're really looking at a super-prideful maniac who will jump down your throat if YOU rather than THEY express the self-loathing attitude. Someone who 'humbly' flogs himself over some popular injustice cause, try personalizing it and really making them take responsibility and then watch out.

Same thing with Hillary. Her campaign was one that sought to capitalize on self-loathing. She was an American fighting for illegals, a white woman berating whites, a woman married to a white man snarking about white men, an entitled rich person 'identifying' with the poor, a millionaire telling the middle class they should pay more, a secret Wall Street society woman advocating taxing other rich society women. But then she lost. And like every self-loathing phony, much like Obama, she's come out fighting and WISHING SOMEONE WOULD LISTEN.

Hillary Clinton inherited Obama's biggest strength, burning bridges. And while he now poses for magazine covers with his equally bridge-burning spouse, accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking engagements for the "evil" people he pretended to hate, they both can happily look at their bank accounts and know that their commitment to "public employment" was a great cha-ching of a decision, but that their transparent duplicity, phoniness and ridiculous lectures are falling on deaf ears.

Hillary Clinton is frustrated, she feels wronged and for the first time we can say, "Welcome to the club."

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