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I'm angry at CNN, even though I watch it. But I'm really coming to terms with its news creation rather than news reporting format. One need go no further than its "Featured Prediction," site that sits now abandoned, a ghost-site, blinking that the chances of the Republican winning the presidency stands at 100 percent, the chance of the Democrats winning, at 0 percent,

After all, on the Monday before the election CNN boasted, "Hillary Clinton's odds of winning the presidency rose from 78% last week to 91% Monday before Election Day, according to CNN's Political Prediction Market,"

Since the election, things haven't gotten better in terms of CNN "reporting." Yesterday, 11/13/2016, a guest Democrat discussing the party moving forward stated that Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz "did a good job," desperately trying to make bad the new good as he ignored the disgraced duo whose cheating and manipulation from leaking debate questions to "outing" Bernie Sanders as a Jewish atheist even raised a CNN eyebrow or two as they got rid of Brazile.

CNN has relentlessly been "covering" the "riots" and "protests" in response to Donald Trump's election, still seeking out the last stragglers for a photo op of protesters until those protesters too remember that you have to be protesting something besides an individual. This morning on "New Day," Poppy Harlow listed eight incidents of "racism," ignoring the rampant democrat violence and threats of violence against non-Democrats including the precious, "Orange is the New Black," cast member Lea DeLaria who talked about her desire to "pick up a baseball bat and take out every f*cking republican and independent I see."

Relentlessly they're hammering on the biased reporting of Stephen Bannon in the wake of his appointment as "chief strategist." CNN is worried about bias? Shamelessly they pursue their misinformation campaign that had Clinton supporters and Clinton herself believing she would get 95 percent of the vote days before the election.

But, like a sci-fi movie of people living underground based on misinformation that the world has been involved in some catastrophic nuclear war only to emerge and find out no such thing ever happened, (such as "Blast from the Past," 1999), the CNN audience is doing the same, and it's painful.

Some are clinging to the misinformation hoping they can still make it true, cooperating with invitations to talk about how afraid they are, how they're all taking to the streets, how they're all leaving the country, how they're all…But it's not true in the world outside the bomb shelter, most of us want our government to help us all succeed.

CNN's talking about the racism of Stephen Bannon, supposedly trying to resurrect and perpetrate unproven innuendo that Donald Trump is a Nazi sympathizer. But if hatred is not OK, then hatred against any race, including white people is not OK. Hatred against VOTERS OF TRUMP is not OK. Hatred of Americans who disagree with them is not OK.

If tolerance is the goal, then no marching Democrat should have let the President get away with making fun of John Boehner's and Donald Trump's appearances with reference to the show, "Orange is the new Black." Yeah, the President liked that one enough to use it twice. No marching democrats should have allowed President Obama and Hillary Clinton to repeatedly use the word "crazy," even as they incredibly pleaded for mental health awareness. Nobody should have snickered as Hillary referred to American voters as deplorables nor should they have embraced and snickered at her reference to the six "Steves." But they did.

It's time to turn off CNN and see what the world is around you and consider that perhaps CNN's unrepentant troublemaking is about ratings not reality.

Still not getting it? Well, now they're ringing the alarms on Obamacare, and who did they bring into the bunker to talk about it? Jonathan Gruber (CNN, 9:42 EST, 11/14/2016). Remember him? The guy who was an architect of the law and was caught saying: "Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” Gruber said. "And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass."

What do you expect from CNN, after all according to them the cheaters Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz did a "good job"?

But for those not persuaded, those hopeful that CNN world will continue their high-energy crisis mode behavior based on nothing at all, it's time to watch the 1999 movie, "Blast From the Past," about a man who emerges from having lived in a bomb shelter for 35 years believing that the world had undergone nuclear Armageddon. It hadn't.

It's time to turn off CNN and see what the world is around you and start scrutinizing the new Democrat attitudes.

But perhaps the bunker mentality is not over for those in the bunker and definitely things won't be perfect outside the bunker. And to soothe their "demands," there is only one answer that President Elect Trump should give and that is the one given by President Obama when he was asked to and declined to cooperate with Congress: "I won," I'm sure CNN would cover Trump saying that.

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