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Search This Blog - Back-Seat Driving Efforts Begin as Trump is Elected: Obamacare

Perhaps nothing speaks to the unsavory style of today's "liberals," and Hillary supporters as well as "Never Trumpers" than their reaction to the vote of the American people choosing Donald Trump. From Hillary Clinton fleeing the stage and declining to either thank her supporters nor congratulate Donald Trump, to today's parade of CNN lackeys daring Trump to "prove" himself and be "conciliatory," hours after their months of excoriating him and his supporters with the meanest twist on conveying and portraying the legitimate concerns of a population, the new liberalism of snarky, smug hubris should check themselves and Donald Trump should not suddenly bend to nor be baited by these back-seat drivers.

While Trump correctly accepted his win by mouthing the words of all newly elected Presidents about uniting the country, it is certain that he must not forfeit the very "truths" that spoke that persuaded the hearts of the voters who chose him in favor of the politicians who didn't, or by choosing early on to give in to the political class that worked desperately to defeat him and ignoring the American people, or working for the media that could not have more viciously attacked him and his supporters.

A President Trump should not be baited into neatly ignoring and disposing of the Americans who voted for him by duplicating the mistakes of second term Obama, overriding the American people, playing politics at every turn with the government class from raises to superior benefits at the expense of the American people, alienating traditional allies like Israel all to fulfill some imagined world that left voters in a position willing to take a chance on Trump.

For Obamacare, if it's repealed, I hope President Trump will not rush into new legislation that mirrors both the government partnership with insurance companies and that jeopardizes American health and wealth which is unsatisfactorily addressed by the Republican REPLACE plan. This is not the time to suddenly shift to the extreme right and accept the Paul Ryan vision of America that after all was part of the losing Republican Party, nor is it time to put off getting rid of Obamacare.

For those nervous, if the Obamacare repeal results in the repeal of Medicaid expansion, arguably the only part of Obamacare that has worked (since it was a program established prior to President Obama), it is important to recall that many, as in millions, of the Medicaid expansion enrollees were actually eligible under original Medicaid and "came out of the woodwork” to sign up due to awareness of expansion,"

But for today, Donald Trump must not appear to kowtow to those backseat drivers, unbent in their hubris, criticism and attempts to influence the man they've called everything from a sexual predator to crazy. President Trump must not collapse in some conciliatory fashion to covet their sudden attempts to "work with," at the expense of the people who put him in office or he risks losing his credibility in the first days of his presidency.

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