Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays- Mark Pincus Second House For Sale

Mark Pincus and his wife have put a second home up for sale; a 2,875-square-foot property located on Shader St. in the affluent San Francisco, California neighborhood of Cole Valley the couple is asking 1.97 million for the recently listed house. The real estate snitch has reported recently that the internet entrepreneur had put another home on the market in the Presidio Heights for $8.9 million within a month apart from each other.  Mark and his wife apparently are not afraid of the so called downturn of the real estate market. Hey!! "I aint mad at you", if you can do it go for it.  In-case you don't know who Mark Pincus is- Mark Pincus, is the C.E.O. of Zynga, maker of FarmVille and other games. Check out his amazing house for sale.  

Can I have the rug? Please...

Check out these stairs!!!
What a huge beautiful room!! I love all the space there is to get around.
In this room you can do it all, go to sleep or stay up and watch a movie.

Look at the amazing leather walls in this bath.. Now will this suit the taste of the buyer? "I don't know" but I can't see this being a deal breaker.

What bold colors we have!!!  “I can dig it”. I'm just not sure if the buyers will share my views but for the buyer you repainting is not hard. Don’t allow a little paint to rob you of your dream home because this house is smoking with beauty.  I don’t know about you but I can appreciate the designer that lives in this home if only all buyers can be so fortunate to buy a home that has a live in interior designer.

I will love to have a family outing in this amazing courtyard!! Beautiful

The realtor remarks...
This amazing modern re-creation of a traditional 1940's home in Cole Valley is the perfect entertaining residence. Set on a lovely and peaceful block just a few minute walk to the shops of Cole Street, this home has been designed for large scale engagements in an impactful and creative atmosphere. The main level of the home features a modern, open-plan kitchen that flows into the formal dining area with dramatic black and white accents. Nearby, the adjacent main entertaining room features expansive open spaces punctuated by a modern forest motif along the southern wall that floats past a frost shrouded staircase. The upper level master suite features panoramic city and Golden Gate Bridge views and is washed with light from three sides. Off the main level, a walk out deck overlooks the redwood covered yard below which provides for the most intimate of gatherings and urges one into the spa or to enjoy the stone pathways among the lush foliage.

Remember if this home isn't sufficient enough for you he has another home for sale atthe Presidio Heights for $8.9 million

So what do you think  about  the 2,875-square-foot property for 1.97 million!! That Mark Pimcus is selling, is it worth it or not so much?
Let me know what you think is this a home you can see yourself purchasing if money allowed or on to the next one?

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